First people catalog designed TO HUMANIZE THE WORKPLACE

NOKK-NOKK.COM free version is in open beta, enterprise version available now. 
  • Build a culture that people want to stay in. Create a real sense of belonging for every employee by celebrating the potential, capabilities and passions that make every employee uniquely valuable.

  • Win more business. Build best-fit teams for pitches & projects by joining people by roles, accomplishments, work specialties, passions and out of work interests

  • Reduce Recruiting & Onboarding Spend. Proven ROI on internal job mobility and reduced attrition

  • Empower Staff to self-promote, discover & engage with co-workers, celebrate individual accomplishments & capabilities

  • Get Actionable Insight for pitches, team building, development & promotions, quick access to details of past hires & freelancers

  • Only your company can see your data, and this is certified by a third party IT security firm.


Built for employee engagement

  • Beautiful, fast and easy to use interface that encourages co-worker discovery 
  • With engaging features and interaction, employees will maintain their skills, roles, industries, projects & clients
  • Work with and enhances the use of most enterprise and company social network/collaboration sites
  • View real-time culture infographics 
  • Free of time-burning and distracting update streams 
Works with and enhances use of Yammer, Jive, Chatter, PeopleSoft, Workday, NetSuite, Namely, BambooHR, ...


  • HR & corporate data integration
  • Single Sign-On
  • Customize company-wide questions and announcements, real time voting
  • Private Groups, Projects and Client Coverage
  • Admin views, including previous freelancers or employees


Nokk-Nokk wins the Community Category of the 9th Annual Pixel Awards

The Nokk-Nokk leadership team each have over a decade experience with Fortune 100 technology creating global company directories, running global HR & Talent Management technology (including privacy & data protection rules in over 100 countries), collaboration and document management and several other data-intensive disciplines.