The Fanrod Group Debuts Nokk-Nokk in Invite-Only Beta

“Culture and Colleague Catalogue” Reinvents the Company Directory as a Dynamic Engagement Platform for Creative Companies and Marketing Agencies

New York, New York- October 28, 2014 The Fanrod Group today announced the launch of its first portfolio company Nokk-Nokk (  An invitation-only private colleague and culture catalogue for creative companies, agencies and marketing organizations, Nokk-Nokk is a free, intuitive company network that allows employees to customize personal profiles to equally highlight skill sets, industry and vertical areas of expertise, as well as their passions, hobbies and general interests. Nokk-Nokk empowers organizations to shape teams and projects, and allows colleagues to break down the social and cultural third wall in the workplace.


According to a recent study conducted by Deloitte, the emerging generation of workers has shown to be increasingly diverse and inclusive, and have been taught to collaborate in teams, and apply critical skills in a highly specialized global economy. Nokk-Nokk addresses this new workforce reality through a collaborative platform that empowers employees to share their uniqueness, while providing mangers with valuable insight to boast company culture and increase team efficiency.


“In today’s business environment, a key differentiator to recruit and retain talent is building a vibrant workplace culture,” said Fanny Davidson, Fanrod co-founder and co-CEO of Nokk-Nokk. “Nokk-Nokk addresses this need by providing the platform for organizations to foster secure dialogue with their employees and build a 360-degree portrait of their teams. It will help employees build comradery in the workplace and allow them to be placed in the right work projects based on their skills, specialties, and passions.


“In addition to Nokk-Nokk, we are excited about Fanrod’s robust development pipeline, and we look forward to continuing to add world-class designers, developers and entrepreneurs to our product teams in the months ahead,” said Robert Davidson, Co-CEO of The Fanrod Group.


The Fanrod Group, is designed to upend the traditional VC model, by building market-ready software built on decades of development and design experience. Each Fanrod company is composed of a hand-picked leadership team of world-class creative and technical talent. The Fanrod model allows established talent to flourish within a startup environment, with the freedom to create industry-leading products. Nokk-Nokk is the first of several upcoming product launches for the organization.



About The Fanrod Group

The Fanrod Group was established in 2013 to upend the traditional venture model and create a suite of products and portfolio companies with the express purpose of a seamless transition into an existing industry-leaders product platform. The Fanrod Group’s unique and proven operating model empowers top-talent to engage in their passions through the conception of new companies and solutions. The Fanrod Group’s founders, Robert and Fanny Davidson, bring decades of frontline experience developing software platforms for Fortune 500 companies that were transitioned into clients’ environments. Through the years, The Fanrod Group’s founders have delivered over $100M of successful products across multiple industries including the development of global platforms for Morgan Stanley, MTV, Roche, Time Warner, Condé Nast, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and For more information, please visit:


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